December 31, 2018

Just because its just air squats and running does not mean its not hard. Go as fast as you can and you will get something great out of it!

1. Warm-up
5:00 bike, run, or row

3 rounds

5 up-down dogs

10 samson walking lunges

12 jumping lunges

2. Workout
4 rounds for time...

December 29, 2018

1. Warm-up
5:00 row
2 rounds (each arm)
5 KB push press 

5 KB front squats
5 KB thrusters
5 KB sots press

2. Workout
Team of 2
10 Rounds (alternate rounds)
20/16  cal row
10 OHS, 135/95

3. Cool-down

5:00 easy bike, run, or row

4. Accessory
3x12 DB...

December 28, 2018

1. Warm-up

5 up-down dogs

5 Dual DB hammer curl to press

5 squat jumps

2. Workout
4 Rounds (AMRAP style)
3:00 on/2:00 off

6 Burpee BJ, 24/20
8 Single arm KB hang clean and jerk, 53/35

10/8 calorie row

3. Cool-down

5:00 easy bike, run, or row

4. Accessory
Every 3:00 x 5


December 27, 2018

Todays workout is an active recovery focus. You can choose to go hard or jut move on this one today. A good way to pick is seeing how you feel walking into the gym for this session. If you are feeling beat up or sore, take it easy and just move. If you feel good and wa...

December 26, 2018

1. Warm-up
5:00 bike, run, or row
3 rounds
10 single arm shoulder press (each arm)
15 bar kips
30 single-unders

2. Workout
10 DB snatch, 50/35
10 TTB

3. Cool-down
5:00 easy bike, run, or row

4. Accessory
3 sets of 10 single arm thruster (each arm)

December 25, 2018

I know a lot of you won't have time to workout today or probably don't want to, and thats fine! The holidays are meant to be spent with family and friends and that is priceless. Some of you though will want to workout and thats why we have todays blog post. Todays work...

December 24, 2018

Get after it today everybody! I hope everyone has an awesome, and safe week this week. This workout has movements that don't necessarily interfere with other concerning muscle groups. So this workout is going to test your "go" and your capacity on the box. Stay focused...

December 22, 2018

Todays workout is super simple, which means you can pretty hard on it. There are two things that will slow you down on this workout. One, your unwillingness to go hard and get the best out of yourself. Two, poor communicate with your partner. If you or your partner mak...

December 21, 2018

Today’s workout is a chipper style workout. A chipper contains four or more movements in the workout. This workout also has a heavy leg focus so pay attention and stay focused in the second round on the box jumps, I don’t want anyone saying they fell because that isn’t...

December 20, 2018

Today's workout is similar to last Thursday's workout in that it involves skill and its long. You should towards being able to look at this workout and know you can do this unbroken and maintain a steady pace. If you're not at that point yet, just be calm and don't let...

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