Noah Sager

I have been coached and mentored by a lot of great coaches. By finding my way to Lubbock, Texas to train with great people, I realized my passion and love for coaching would lead me to establish myself as the head coach of Go For Broke Fitness.

I graduated with my B.S. in Kinesiology and minored in Nutritional Sciences from Texas Tech University. I have taken part in the Active Life Immersion course to better help clients with nagging injuries. I have also completed my OPEX CCP to better my understanding on how to help my clients with where they're at in their journey and meet their goals.

GFB was created to help anyone and everyone in their athletic and health endeavors. I (Noah) am here to make sure that you improve in the areas you want improvement in, and as well in areas you didn't think you needed attention. I do this through movement screenings and strength assessments to help give us a bigger picture on what we can improve instead of just playing the guessing game that some coaches end up doing. We assess. We don't guess.

Free consultation over phone or in person if in the lubbock, tx area.

I offer both in person and remote online coaching to anyone who is willing to start their lifelong journey to better lifestyle habits in nutrition, behavior, and fitness. Sign up below for a free consultation and lets see how we can progress you towards your goals!

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Noah Sager

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